What to Expect

First Visit

At Back to Health Physiotherapy an initial consultation can take up to an hour for musculoskeletal conditions (1½ hours for ME / CFS clients).  This consists of a full case history, biomechanical assessment and clinical diagnosis.  Following discussion between yourself and the physiotherapist, treatment will commence and we will outline your future treatment plan.

Points to Consider

Please arrive at reception ten minutes before your appointment time to allow time to fill in a simple registration form.

Please bring your GP details with you, a list of your current medication, plus any documents you feel are of relevance, such as doctors/specialist reports, scan/x-ray results.

If appropriate bring any private medical insurance details with you and check that you have gone through the authorisation process relevant to your insurance company before attending the clinic.

Please be advised that you may be asked to remove items of clothing so that the problem area can be examined.  As such, bring shorts and appropriate clothing.

You are welcome to be accompanied during treatment if you wish.

What Happens?

Subjective Assessment

During the consultation the physiotherapist will ask questions regarding your general health, past medical history, medication and your current problem.  You will be asked how the problem started, where your symptoms occur and if anything eases or aggravates your symptoms.

Physical Assessment

During the physical examination you will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing and perform a simple series of movements.  The physiotherapist will then examine the areas involved, determine which structures are causing the problem and seek to discover what factors are contributing to it.

Explanation and Diagnosis

The physiotherapist will then explain the cause of your current problems in a way that you can understand and give a diagnosis as to what they think the problem is

Treatment Options and Treatment

The physiotherapist will then discuss the options available to treat your problem and the best way forward.  Once decided treatment will commence.  Following treatment a treatment plan will be discussed which may involve follow up sessions and lifestyle advice to speed up recovery and prevent recurrence.

Follow Up

Follow up sessions can be arranged at either the Westhoughton or Bolton clinic, at your convenience.  The frequency and duration of which will be fully discussed with you.

Confidentiality, privacy and one to one attention form an integral part of the treatment and assessment process.